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Originally Posted by botsapper View Post
Car manufacturers have not marketed and informed their buyers that their EV offerings serve most if not all of their 'real world' needs. The buying public still believes that EVs are too expensive to own and they could not go far. Researchers from MIT and Santa Fe Institute have concluded that the average American average daily use is about 70 miles, lesser with AC used. This US average accounts 87% of vehicles on the road today and can be replaced by available low cost electric vehicles with standard battery size (overnight fully-charged), even if they could not recharge on that day. This range includes 93% of the urban commuters and even 80% of rural drivers. Only long range business/vacation travelers have to make recharging plans/charging logistics ahead of time.

Shorter-range electric cars meet the needs of almost all US drivers | Ars Technica

Translation: rather than come up with a solution to the problem, we'll just say it isn't a problem.

Sorry, this is a very real concern of the car buying public. This is a major turn-off for car buyers and as long as EV advocates try to discredit concerns rather than address them, EVs are going to continue to be a modest percentage of the market share.

Sure, you can get anywhere you need to go, but it takes planning and added time to go on a long trip. Why put up with the hassle of doing that when you could buy a similar car for half the price without the limitation? Car buyers are answering that question with their buying decisions...
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