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diesel must be warm air fed,

working-living 21 years with old style diesel engine, i.e. London taxi 1970 Austin 2.2l 14:1 ratio comp, every mechanic said " cold air is best Mate" and yet on a 30-35c day here in Australia, the engine sang like new, a joy to hear, and then I knew it grumbled all the other times esp 5C winter night with bride in the back saying " will this cab get us to the hotel?" since it BLEW UP. (even longer story) I discovered petrol engine have a "stove" on the exhaust pipe to fed hot air via aluminum pipe to intake-air filter, hard "on all the time" the fuel gauge moves slowly, helping carby evaporation,, 2 of my taxi have no hot air pick up, so I found you get the same hot air pick simply by screwing aluminum heat pipe direct into trumpet on air filter, and the other end craft wire fasten onto the hot exhaust manifold with a wee extra wire to hold a aluminum foil piece , to shield the radiator fans draft. if I knew what I know now, I would have done the same for the diesel engine, diesel engines must be warm air fed, and can be done on the cheap and cheerful, under $20.
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