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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
It's got a profile in the back that results in an internal Gurney flap. I wonder how that compares to a half-tonneau for effectiveness.
I have never done a half-tonneau cover, but I do have a full-tonneau cover and have experimented with different height rear spoilers/Gurney flaps.

If I recall correctly, once I shaved down my rear spoiler/Gurney flap to proper size the gas mileage was down perhaps 1 mpg, but the high speed stabilization was priceless - glued to the road, no lane wandering even in high winds at 80 mph.

I suspect this rat-rod truck gets some small amount of down-force which may equate to more drag. I'd worry about rain water intrusion but don't think that thing ever sees rain. Just looking at it makes my mouth dry.
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