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Originally Posted by sgtlethargic View Post
Mindset E-motion
Interesting, reminds me of a car from Germany about 8 years ago.

Any idea on what's going on with the rear wheel wells?

If form follows function, then what in the world are they trying to cool off and ventilate? The battery packs?

Originally Posted by botsapper View Post
A streamline era 1927 Londen camping motorhome. The quintessential aero teardop profile w/ matching drapes.

The height of the windshield is much lower than I expected. If the engine is behind that radiator and the driver sits adjacent to it with only a layer of rock-wool or natural insulating fiber, then it makes for a very cramped and hot ride.

Looking at the internal area turning wheels would take up, I suspect the driver sits further back as there would only be room for some feet in there.

Meaning, sitting low, far back, with the windshield about 5-feet away, completely disorientating for the driver.

Related: I saw a Pontiac Trans Van make a right hand turn once. The elderly driver could not judge the distances well because of the design, hit the concrete curb separating the two lanes in the middle of the road and flipped the van.

I was in the left lane going the other way, she slid right on by me. She was going way to fast to begin with, I knew no good could come of it.

I see the 1927 Londen having similar issues, it's saving grace is that it probably was under-powered like most motorhomes to this day.
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