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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
...nobody will believe that "electrons with Techron" is a better product.
Want to place a small bet on that?

The cell phone charging analogy applies here. There is a lack of universal standard at the moment, but eventually the market will demand a universal specification.
Err... Where's the evidence for a universal, or even common, cell phone charging standard? Let's even go beyond cell phones, and look at portable devices using supposed-to-be-standard USB connectors. I have half a dozen such devices - cell phones, cameras, music players, &c - and every single one of them uses a different connector on the device.

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard
Changing your mindset about driving an EV, comes down to getting used to charging at home. It saves a LOT of time, never having to visit a gas station.
But remember, we're not talking about your local driving, but about longer trips where "range anxiety" actually comes into play. To take a common scenario hereabouts, have perhaps tens of thousands of people driving their EVs from the Bay Area to Tahoe ski areas on a Friday - a trip which I don't think can be done without charging even in a Tesla, given the elevation change &c. How many chargers do you need in places like Auburn to handle this?

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