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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Being anxious is being unsure - and my point still stands: once you get used to driving an EV, you stop having anxiety.
No, because the exact range is going to depend on conditions. The trip that is within range on a nice, calm day might not be if you run in to a snow storm with headwinds, and have to use the heater & defroster a lot.

In any case, you seem to be giving the term "range anxiety" a different meaning than I do, or I think most people do. It's not worrying about the range of the EV you own on your usual trips: it's whether that EV you're considering buying really has the range you need, and will continue to have it as the battery ages.

Do you have anxiety about driving an ICE farther than you can go on on tank?
Only when I see the "Next Gas 160 Miles" sign :-) But that's because I know I can easily refill the tank in a couple of minutes. (Not to mention the Insight's ~700 mile range :-))

Same goes for driving an EV - you know how far you can go. You know where the charging stations are - and you drive where you can.
But to reiterate: 1) In a lot of places charging stations aren't; 2) Charging takes a lot longer than filling a gas tank; 3) If I can't drive where I want to go, rather than where there happen to be charging stations, what's the point of driving?

What is the issue?[/QUOTE]
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