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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Thanks - the only thing I am not totally clear on is the bead and cove. You made the 1/4" edges curved so they fit tightly around the curved ribs? You then had to sand the surface, I assume?

I am really liking this construction technique. I have my CNC machine that could cut the ribs - and you used jigsaw joints to join them together, like I did on CarBEN. Nice job!
Thanks. The beads and coves are on the edges of the strips so they fit together tightly with a lot of edge-to-edge surface area contact when laying the flat strips over curves. They also are good at preventing gaps. There's a little leeway before daylight starts shining through. After they are laid down, the curved surfaces are definitely faceted, and require quite a bit of sanding to make smooth.
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