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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Humans MUST stop using ANY fossil fuels in a very short time - like a decade or two. Get used to it.
Entirely different question. For instance, a plug-in hybrid using biofuels - alcohol, biodiesel, &c - gets you there without the current problems of EVs.

We might also think about what's really gained by having two cars, an EV for local/commuting and a gasser for long trips, vs one fuel-efficient vehicle for everything. Take those Bay Area skiers I mentioned, who might drive 250 miles during the work week, and make a 500 mile trip pretty much every weekend. With one Prius getting 50 mpg, that's 25 gallons per week. With an EV for local, and a 15 mpg SUV for the trips, that's 33 gallons per week.
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