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I got a bunch done since last post. I was unhappy with the splotchy finish with the epoxy so I decided to just bite the bullet and completely resand it. It basically set me back a full day, but I think it was worth it.

After sanding:

After epoxy:

Then I did a light sand with 220 grit and clean with alcohol to knock down the little nubs and bubbles that I didn't get popped:

Then laid out the fabric:

Then did the first round of epoxy:

Next up I will lay out the fabric on the other side of the shell. The fabric wasn't wide enough to span the whole width so I decided to do it in 2 sections overlapping on the outside edge of the upper accent strips. I don't have it in any of the pictures, but I did fold over the cloth underneath the eaves and bed rail caps. In those areas there are a lot of bubbles and areas where the springiness of the cloth was too much for the wet epoxy to hold. I'll have to do something to clean up those areas, but I think they will turn out fine.
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