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Originally Posted by LittleBlackDuck View Post
The other main issue with this type of "conversion" is that it does not alter the injector dead time, starting and advance tables in the ECU. These will contribute to harder starting that gets worse at lower temperatures. I know of vehicles that run on E85 and methanol that start fine at very low temperatures, but they have had the ECU correctly tuned to achieve this.

Swapping injectors is at best, a crude hack that has the potential for lowered efficiency and engine damage.

What engine damage am I risking?

So far I don't think I'm getting lowered efficiency. The drop in fuel mileage is consistent with the change in stoich ratios.

I do have a megasquirt 3. I soldered it all together and made a harness. I did most of the sensor calibrations then I lost some data. It turned in to too much trouble. If you think what I'm doing now is hazardous I guess I'll have to get the MS going. I figured it would take so much work to get it running as good as stock.

The car has been starting right away after the second pass, ie, I crank the engine for about 3 sec, then let it rest, then it starts normally during the second round of cranking.
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