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Originally Posted by LittleBlackDuck View Post
Aluminium or cast iron will not make any difference unless your engine has exhaust valves made from unobtanium or the piston is cast iron!

Burning of the block or head is secondary to damage caused elsewhere, and is done by the burning gases "blow torching" the passage...

Ether makes my cat go to sleep, not wake up

All the stuff you said is nearly impossible on a stock 1996+ with stock injectors.

You have to hold 15.5:1 Afr at wot for nearly a minute on aluminum motors.

Most cars are in limp mode with a cel which simply disallows your situation.

Myself and frank along with hundred of others on the e85 forums have a decade or more experience each burning it and the only cases I am aware of that holed a piston were custom motors.

Find someone who has burned their valves due to e85 and post it here, so we can dissect what he did wrong.
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