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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
All the stuff you said is nearly impossible on a stock 1996+ with stock injectors.

You have to hold 15.5:1 Afr at wot for nearly a minute on aluminum motors.

Most cars are in limp mode with a cel which simply disallows your situation.

Myself and frank along with hundred of others on the e85 forums have a decade or more experience each burning it and the only cases I am aware of that holed a piston were custom motors.

Find someone who has burned their valves due to e85 and post it here, so we can dissect what he did wrong.
So you're saying that the fuel trims will cover me from over lean even in open loop, and that even if they didn't the limp mode would kick in? I guess I'm not really relying on fuel trims to protect from lean burn since the larger injectors that should be pushing all the maps high enough.

For some reason I thought that the timing advance was being automatically adjusted... but I don't have any evidence of that. It is worrisome about burning ports downstream of the valves since the fuel might still be burning.

I looked at the pcmhacking site. I can't find anything about compatibility with 7th gen hondas. I also searched for delco ecu's on amazon and the fitment calculator came up with nothing. I have the megasquirt if I needed to have a custom tune.

The way that it starts is strange, because it's just fine after the second round of cranking. I tried letting the fuel pump prime longer and that didn't help.

The issue I am having now is the decrease in vehicle range. Once I get my home fueling setup going that should be fine.

Thanks for the discussion, its been great!
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