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Definitely driving style tweaks will help the most.

Don't underestimate the effect of aerodynamics at low speeds. When I put on my above-bumper grill block I immediately noticed subjectively longer glide times at in-town speeds (60 km/h = 36 mph), whereas at highway speeds the drag effect was actually less noticeable (except that the car feels a lot more stable, less nervous). Even at very low speeds (25 km/h = 15 mph) something's happening because raindrops dripping off the front lip of the hood get blown back toward the windshield, that didn't happen before the grill block. A rule of thumb says that above 60-80 km/h (36 - 48 mph), depending on the car, aerodynamic drag becomes larger than other drag, but that means that below that it's still up to 50% of total drag.

And raising the tire pressure helps, too.

You ever notice that birds pulse & glide, too?
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