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Originally Posted by AntiochOG View Post
Although I do enjoy driving sometimes, my commute is not one of those times. I would be happy with a future that involves something like an autonomous Uber taking me anywhere I need to go, and going to a racetrack when I want to get my fix of manual driving. The lower cost, increased safety, faster commute, and increased simplicity of not owning a car all seem worth it to me.
Those are my thoughts as well. I used to like driving - back when I lived in Eastern Tennessee with interesting winding roads and very little traffic. The last 10 years have been in major metro areas where driving involves sitting in traffic for hours. I would happily allow a robot to drive my commute for me.

What I don't get is the idea that autonomous cars will reduce the number of cars on the road. As long as the majority of people leave for work at the same time every day and refuse to carpool the number of cars stays the same. The number of cars still has to match the peak travel volume.
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