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61) Parking tactics: orbit to bleed momentum

Originally Posted by 100+ hypermiling/ecodriving tips
61) Parking tactics: orbit to bleed momentum

If you find you have too much momentum after reaching your preferred parking spot, continue coasting further down the row or "orbiting" a spot until you can roll to a stop in position without touching the brakes.

(The extent to which you might continue 'orbiting' depends on whether your engine is on/off and whether you're driving a manual or automatic. Also, it depends on traffic in the lot, obviously.)
I don't understand this tip. I think it would be better to just use the brakes--or use less gas in the previous pulse. Is the only reason to do this to artificially increase your MPG by keeping the odometer rolling? It doesn't seem like it would actually decrease fuel usage (equal usage with EOC, greater usage if idling in neutral). Or maybe it's all going over my head?

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