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jim rockford
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you name it i have done it

i have a background that covers everything and i mean everything. back in the early 70"s i majored in computer programming with a IBM 1401 mainframe, we still used punched cards. I tought myself how to repair cars and still do. i then worked in heavy construction, including bakeries ice cream factories, refineries, steel mills power plants including nuclear, where i installed turbines and the control rods in 2 reactors. After moving to florida i go into computer graphics teaching myself Corel 3. Then i got into embroidery diditizing bu watching someone do it and teaching myself. I was then approched by GE to work in the power systems division to over see power plant construction, being i had worked on gas and steam turbines with a nuclear clearance. I traveled the contry for them a few years until the Enron colapse, afterwitch in 2002 i was asked to go to Bagdad to get the power plants up and running, I was told it would only be for 3 months. After seeing the condition of them I knew it was not going to be "only 3 months". I retired early at that time. I started a small knitch business doing digitizing. i found an old 58 Desoto convertible which i'm restoring and purchased a 95 dodge dakota with the intent of converting it to a hybrid.
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