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I think I have you all beat... I started out in Engineering but somehow landed in liberal arts. I have a degree in Theatre. Yes, you read correctly - Theatre. Um yeah, there's the acting bit, but the lighting and set design was pretty cool. Also, I've got experience with retail sales, retail systems, project management, Ecommerce applications and integrations (from the business side of things). Today, I'm a solution strategist for an Ecommerce company - really cool on demand software. Office Space quote, "I take the requirements from the customers and give them to the engineers. I'm a people person!!!" hee hee

I have to say that I am truly impressed by the talent pool on this forum. Engineers, designers and some serious fabrication and automotive technicians, not to mention the liberal arts crew is representing, too. Do you all realize that this forum has the collective expertise to successfully design & launch any eco-modding product we desire??? Take the OpenGauge project as an example; you guys are showing the world what open source ecomodding is all about. Congrats to you!

Ooooo... here's a what if.... and kind of a lofty one... I could be off my rocker here...what if we had an official Ecomodder project car??? Imagine... we form a team, select a car, the group designs and implements changes with the goal of 125+ mpg (or more)? The group shows the automakers what ecomodding is about and that real fuel economy is attainable. We could issue some press releases, and who knows, some of you guys might get on TV. I'd be willing to contribute a little cash to that project! I think it would be an awesome way to harness the power of the forum and get the word out to the masses. Certainly, there would be logistical issues (geography being a big one), but I think they are all surmountable.

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