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Originally Posted by Erasmo View Post
Dropped the fairing at the panel beater this weekend, the bike will follow soon. Still have to source a new fender but my guy says he should be able to adapt an upside down fork fender to match the mounting holes, which make the search a bit easier.

Originally Posted by Erasmo View Post
Ah I've seem to lure you out of the lurking status after 3 years I'm waiting for the V2 version of your charger but as you know the development has hit a bit of a rough patch...

I've met another DS owner who's also looking in designing a more cargo oriented tail but for bot of us it is more of a long term project...
Heh, yes. Well I didn't want to speak up until I had a real project going, and while this year certainly has pushed me further into this area than I was prepared to go while I lived in Seattle, there've been a lot of hiccups that delayed my goal.

For the record, I'm only a Supercharger customer who does technical documentation and testing in exchange for early access. But yes there's a V2, I've seen a prototype and looked over the specifications and sourcing, and it has a much better story all around. I think it'll be much more quickly deliverable, too.

Originally Posted by Erasmo View Post
How are your wheel covers working out? Can't wait to see the finished dustbin on your bike.
So, the rear ABS plastic has been reasonably robust and I've had CAD drawings for fabrication for a while, but my front set were shattered by a rock at highway speeds, which was quite concerning and that's why you see Coroplast in my photos. The Zero front wheel for 2015+ models has 5 stanchions supporting the brake disc on one side as well which makes fitment trickier.

I've decided based on this to make a custom Moon disc order and will clear the stanchions by drilling holes. I'll probably line the edges with rubber trim and backing with a little foam to reduce wear, but I need to work out how to mount them against or through the cast wheel robustly. Probably stainless steel bolts of the right length with nyloc nuts and nylon washers. Any thoughts?


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