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There's no such thing as "factory MPG". I assume you're referring to what EPA testing suggests the typical driver will get?

Hypermiling doesn't have to piss people off, either; it depends on what you're doing. Certainly tailgaiting large trucks and driving 25mph under the speed limit can be annoying, but there are plenty of other safer ways to save fuel. Remember that every time you push the gas pedal down you're burning fuel to gain momentum, and every time you press the brake pedal you're turning forward momentum into brake dust.

An example of a driving habit that can save a ton of fuel but not piss people off is situational awareness. For example if the light ahead of you turns red, don't keep on the gas until the last minute and then slam on the brakes, but instead take your foot off the pedal and take your time getting there. Nobody is leaving the redlight any sooner than anyone else, and by doing this alone you can often beat the EPA city rating by 25-50%.

Weight is far less important than aerodynamics on the highway. Any roof racks or bits you bolt on to the outside are basically small parachutes catching the wind and pulling your truck to slow down.
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