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So you mention 12 degrees per 10% of length- is there some article I can review that discusses this rule of thumb?

As for the helmet and leathers, I really can't modify them per rules. With my chest slammed against the tank, that helmet position is my maximum upward look (actually takes a lot of effort). I am trying to get an unpadded race seat, which should lower my pelvis an inch or more into the bike- as the rest of my body follows, I might get those extra degrees clockwise rotation of the helmet that you recommended.


Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
1)aero template Overlay found at the top under tools .Im working on an android so not as easy but doable
2a) that is pretty good-looking down to about the love handle area ,wight stripe on your lethers, things get too steap from there adding a spacer to fill the Gap behind your hips and continue the transition to the tip of the tale. Think like a fish. (|) not like a whale (--) your+bike are so short you don't realy have room for reattachment vertically.,However horizontal taper ,your setup is small, and you are tapering on 2 plains L&R. 12°per 10%length ea.take it as farback and down as the rules alow..
Tuck. your helmet has a cam built in , the gold wing, to reduce buffeting caused by the uneven separation of a standard helmet. However in the pic its more of a trip edge /spoiler. It needs ~(aproxamitly) 15° rotation clockwise. Based on the brick wall as levle this 15° will reduce frontal area and move the template 6" forward, allowing more room for taper=better CdA

2b) add a tail to your lether with industrial velcrow make follow the 3d template on 3 sides T,L,&R. Botom contorted to matchrear faring. Was thinking semi dense open cell foam.

2c) gap should be interference fit. Ast why I suggested the gap garde be attached to you . And with this attachment it must give in a crash and be brake away to prevent further injury.

3a,b)see 1 and 2a
3c) idk Aerohead or others may chime in.
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