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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
2. the current status of the project - does it work? Flawlessly?
3. What parts are needed, where to source them, and the differences between various *duinos. e.g. this one appears to be smaller and cheaper than the FreeUdino. Is it any good?

The current 25-page workspace isn't very friendly to newcomers.

Your project looks promising, and I'd like to build one if someone could answer questions 2 and 3. TIA.
2. I know people are running them in their cars already, but some have complaints about some screen settings not working well, and sometimes there are jumpy numbers on the screen, but overall people seem really happy with them, and you can reprogram them, so if you find flaws, have at it or seek help from others.

3. I am currently building an "iGuino", so you may want to check it out. There are some extra parts you do need, like a voltage regulator, a large capacitor and a couple others. I have a parts list, and you can actually buy most of the parts from Fundamental Logic (makers of the iDuino). Once I am sure mine is running, I will be posting pictures for all to oogle over (or criticize). Hopefully everything I have done can be easily replicated by others.
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