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I could see a 1920s Duesenberg or Rolls with a Wolftronics planetary gearbox, Siemens motor, Teslas battery pack — and a secondary pack in the strap-on trunk that was as popular back in the day as wearing an onion on your belt.

Here's a comment by jighardy on the EVTV website.
I initially pricked up my ears on this but on reflection my opinion is that this is smoke and mirrors with nothing new or surprising

* According to Wikipedia, VW are committed to spend “$2 billion in the U.S. over the next 10 years on CCS and other charging infrastructure” as part of the settlement of the diesel gaming fiasco

* Volkswagen, General Motors, BMW, Daimler, Ford and Hyundai have been committed to CCS since 2011

* The current CCS standard is I believe about 50 – 100 kW depending on voltage. CCS have already announced an intention to increase this to 350kW over the next few years.

In other words this is probably just part of the charger wars. It is 8 years behind Tesla and to my mind just reinforces the half-hearted uptake of EVs by the Western manufacturers. Nissan (the EV mass market leader) seem to be committed to Chademo although that could change.

MEANWHILE CHINA already has electric bus fast charging stations reportedly operating over 350kW:

Personally I’d like to see CCS go the way of Betamax because of it’s parentage (foot-dragging traditional automakers in Detroit and Germany). Plus the plug is an aesthetic monstrosity
Truth and Consequences - EVTV Motor Verks
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