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Originally Posted by josemapiro View Post
I've been testing the menu, and it seems to be on track but needs some fixes.
A bug I found, is to move forward, must repeat the line that is down the next menu, but on the top line. How is lets not select the row below.
Another fix would be the arrow that indicates the selected line, position yourself above or below in order to be possible to see the next line to be selected. Ie if you use the up button, the arrow should be down, to show up the next line, if you use the down button, the arrow should be on top, to show the next line below.
For the first presentation this menu is very good, when everything right, I have no doubt it will get 5 stars, is much easier to work.
The menu actually appears to have disappeared into thin air, from when you wrote that so long ago. No matter, I found and re-incorporated it into the latest code version.

Trying to figure out how to implement what you've described. I have something similar in mind - stand by.

Originally Posted by josemapiro View Post
Yes it is possible, this problem occurs due to several situations some of them have already been detected but it is probable that there are others that have not been, but it is better to update the bootloader to make the correction of some errors Already known.
Maybe it was better put an note on the start page for this possible problem.
That's a good idea. I rather dislike having to keep two separate versions around.
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