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Originally Posted by arber333 View Post
I have 60 holes single pulse optical encoder allready on my car.
Encoder is this HC-020K Double Speed Measuring Module With Speed Encoder Kit | eBay
It is powered by 5V and signal is open collector pulse. Would it work with only channel A?
I have a small bit of information for this:

Open collector works fine - the pull-up resistor needs to be sized to allow the voltage to rise to 4.5V before it is 'pulled down' by the open collector. That's my experience using a 24V encoder, separately powered from the inverter. My other motor has a 64 ppr encoder so 60 pulses per revolution should be OK.

I lost a wire, either A or B channel, while the motor was operating and the inverter got quite confused. It ended up stopping but the deceleration was not smooth.

If you only have one channel, the inverter will not be able to tell which direction the motor is turning. I think Paul is paying attention to that now, for the regenerative braking. But it may not be a big change to disable the direction monitoring?
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