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I wish I also lived in Ontario so that I can borrow your Scangauge for a trip or so. Just kidding! I have not bought one yet because I don't think I can recoup the cost in a short enough period of time. I am already a rather thrifty driver without it, and so is my wife, well, up to a point. Obviously most members here are thrifty too, with or without the gauge.
I am hoping that one day there will be an easy to use simple mpg only gauge on the market selling for a lot less than the Scangauge. It should be fool proof and completely self calibrating, i.e. plug and use. I hope Scangauge's manufacturer can hear me.
Back to success stories, I am happy to report that I have just broken the 500 km per tank barrier. Don't laugh! It has not been an easy job for me considering my 09 2.4L auto AWD Matrix's small tank capacity (50 liters, and you won't want to use up more than 90% of it any time) and the unbroken in condition of the car, plus the type of traffic that I am often in. Another factor is perhaps that my wife drives the car more than I do, and that is also the reason why I need a very very straight forward mpg gauge.
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