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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
At 6-weeks the low-fuel indicator began to glow.I was across the street from a station so I just pulled in to top-off the tank,for a computer vs tank mpg comparison.
With a reserve amount of fuel,the car took an indicated 11.663-gallons,for a 10.6-gallon tank.
Have any of you ever dispensed anywhere near this amount of fuel into your Insight?
I had 518-miles on the odometer for this tank and the trip computer indicated 51.2-mpg for the tank.At 11.663-gallons I'd be looking at 44-mpg.
It's hard to believe that the tank/computer deviation would be over 13%.
Thanks in advance for any comments.
The Gen1 Insight sometimes allows you to overfill into the evap canister .. Wayne exploited this on his record tank run to put in 13.7 Gallons .. ie how much you put in at next fuel up , might not a good indicator of how much was used on last trip .. There could be as much as a ~4 gallon uncertainty with that method, on any one individual fill up.

Also .. Although in general most pumps are within +/-2% .. they are not nearly as accurate nor policed as many people think them to be .. Owner of the pump .. might get a warning .. or maybe a small fine .. at most the pump gets shut down until the owner proves it was re-calibrated/corrected.

The highest/worst I've heard of was May2007 the department of weights and measures in Arizona (which tests once every 3 years) found 1 station had 6 pumps that were off from between 51% to 86% .. a staggering amount of screwing the customer .. They were fined $300 per pump (maximum the state allowed at that time) and ordered to close the pumps until they were re-calibrated .. no refunds to all the customers cheated , etc .. At that time in Arizona pumps were allowed to be off by up to 2.5% and get no warning/ fine / or anything else .. And at that time a single owner was caped at a maximum fine of $50,000 .. Even if that owner had 500 pumps across the state, and every one of them was off by 50% for 3 years .. Max fine would be $50,000.
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