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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Adding a 2nd roof wouldn't gain much. How would you open the tent?

from post 21 "The area where the tent sits would be open of course and possibly both side be removable so the tent opens up w/o having to lift tent."

Fitting The Template (with it's half circular cross section) to the tent won't cut it. What you have is a low box on a tiny ground plane. Consider the techniques used on a box van. A quarter-round is sufficient on the front. That break from the horizontal top to the Template line isn't what you want. Consider Mair:

After the straight section, a curve to the 11 angle, then straight. On the sides and top.
Have to study your post. Hasn't sunk in. I appreciate the effort, even though I have no idea what its telling me. LOL (yet)
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