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OK I have kind of--let's see, sort of like treading water but more splashy but still not violent--splashed around here for a couple weeks, being dumb, deciding an MPGuino wasn't for me, still thinking a ScanGauge is expensive and wanting at least some DIY involvement here, staring at OBDII, and more splashing, and finally on this Friday night I find this thread and the Google Code entry for OBDuino.

I believe my car (08 civic) uses CAN, and I am interested in getting involved with this project for sure!

I know there haven't been updates for a couple of weeks, so would it be possible to get a status update of where folks are at this point (most important to me, has someone figured out how to do something simple like just display VSS on the LCD?).

This is dark-stab-ish, but I would also like to say I would advocate keeping the project very parallel to the devilishly-functional MPGuino project like in LCD interface for example.
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