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Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
Oh and also forgot to mention, the verso is at the moment only car in the family so that's one reason not to mod it so some state i'll get a small car for commute. That i can "freely" modify
Thinking about getting a swift or micra sort of car, maybe a tad bigger so i can tow my trailer with it. Had a lot of cars in the past, little strange having just one car
At least you got a versatile car. I like those small wagons, but in my country they're not so popular. This model, by the way, IIRC was never officially available in South America but I see some JDM grey imports with Paraguayan plates once in a while.

About towing: recently I've seen even a Volkswagen Up towing a small utility trailer, so a Swift or a Micra presumably won't have problems doing so.
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