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Cooling on Bicycles

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
I would love to figure out how to commute to work on the bike and arrive looking and smelling professional, but until I figure that out, I'll be ecomodding my car.
My main rules for arriving in what seems acceptable condition are to avoid polyester clothing, maintain a vegetarian diet, and not get into foul moods. A good flow of air around your body is cleansing as well as cooling. Bucky Fuller invented a "Fog Gun" that would degrease hands with just a few ounces of water.

On really hot or humid days, you might have to ride slowly or even use an electric booster on the way to work. Velomobiles typically reduce airflow, but keep your body shaded, which can be a great boon.

You could take advantage of phase-change cooling by modifying an insulated bottle to dispense frozen berries or miniature popsicles. There are also ways to circulate ice water through your helmet and/or vest if you prefer.
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