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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
My wife has a 2001 VW bug turbo gas motor. By comparison my 1985 suburban with 454 and 3 speed auto with 4.10 rear gears is cheaper to drive base on operating cost.
To say a VW is expensive to operate is an under statement. 2 trips to the dealership cost a total of $1,800 and that's not counting towing it 80 miles each way with my suburban and car trailer.
They are great vehicles, just not for very long.
My dad had a 2001 TDI, in 120,000 miles
Timing belt & cover , water pump
Glow plugs twice and harness rebuild
Oil pan & seal
All 4 rotors rusted out had to do a full brake job and bearings, parts were surprisingly expensive
Injection pump had a defect from the factory and grenaded $3000 in parts after warranty.
Glove box failed twice, replacement was the most difficult glove box I ever did
Passenger door would only unlock if the driver got in and pulled the handle
Both fenders replaced under warranty because the paint peeled off and rusted out had to fight VW months for a recall
Rear bumper paint peeled for no apparent reason
Interior was not cleanable
All plastic handles peeled
Trunk release broke, hard to use the key
Front end chewed up tires in strange ways front end wouldn't align

Probably a few dozen other things I'm forgetting

Because racecar

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