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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
It kind of almost sounds as if rigging up all these switches and manipulating things as you say, in addition to being entertaining, might also serve to do the job of a grid charger. Is this an accurate statement or should the GC be part of the equation as well.

One more question. How far can you coast on that hill in Glastonbury on 2? I would think just about into east hartford if you had a little extra ballast on board. I was driving a buddy's old chevy pickup when it ran out of gas there and I was able to coast into the gas station just off the exit after that hill. It was a long slow coast though.
Grid charging: As vskid3 wrote, regulating assist and regen via a Calpod or MIMA won't replace grid charging. It looks like any Gen 1 Insight should get grid charged once every 3-4 months. If your car doesn't come with a harness for that, you'll need to put it in.

The coast down that big hill? I don't coast nearly as far as you thought I might. The fastest I'll push it after cresting the hill is about 70, traffic permitting. Often I'll max out at 65. I think on a good day, I can get almost to where Rte 3 comes in. My Accord coasted further. It had much higher aero drag, but weighed nearly 1000 lb more than the Insight. Once it got going, not much could stop it. But it came nowhere near the Insight in mpg. Not counting Green Grand Prix competitions, it's best tanks were in the upper 40's mpg.
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