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Those are nice. Especially the last two and the aero add-ons on the first one. I only had a max of seven at one time. I thought someday I'd have time and money. I know, right?

You never commented on the mild hybrid setup I posted at #52. So are you thinking:
  • through-the-road hybrid
  • series hybrid
  • parallel hybrid
  • JATO rockets

Why would you not use OEM parts? They are half the cost of repurposed stuff, overengineered, and down the road the replacement parts are over the counter instead of custom.

In the top row you have hub motors, altermotors and hybrid transmissions.

Here's a picture of an EV (induction motor, lead/acid batteries) to bring us back on topic:

And, the only V8-in-a-bus I care for:

and that's mainly because the bullet turn signals are dropped to below the headlight. Subtle.

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