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Lots to catch up on.

Bags were installed and KYB Gas-A-Just shocks installed in the rear. I also installed a Trac-Loc limited slip differential. I had to put my Marauder wheels on it for the Green Grand Prix.
I wanted a little extra grip for the auto cross event. (Which was a blast, by the way).
Raced the GGP and recorded 24.3 mpg, good for 1st in V8 Class, Modded. Pretty sweet, considering that I had the car on the road for 4 days.

On the following day, I had to drop off the transmission for my other car in PA. I didn't hypermile too much initially. About a third of the trip down, I filled up, and that's where the hypermiling started. I ended up with 406 miles, 17.81 gallons of gas used, for 25.3 mpg. Not too bad.
Then I realized that the tires were significantly taller than the stock tires. I used Google maps and retraced my exact route an realized that I actually traveled 456.7 miles. I adjusted my fuel log accordingly.
But the stock tires are going back on shortly.

I put the Tank though NY inspection.

You know, sometimes, it's just easier giving them the $21 and letting them do all the troubleshooting for you.
Overall: Fail
Safety: Fail
Emissions: Fail

1. Parking Brake failed
2. LF out tie rod shot
3. 1 bulb in the 3rd brake light is out

4. Check engine light bulb burnt out, resulting in:

-P0174: System too lean, Bank1
-P0303: #3 cylinder misfire
-P0420: Bank 1 catalyst system efficiency below threshold

New inner and outer tie rods, along with sleeves, and new parking brake shoes: $43. Rockauto.

The inspector was very adamant about it being a bad cat. I have to disagree. You're saying that I just drove the car 1400 miles in 6 days, and posted a 25.3 mpg, (EPA est 18) and that there's an issue with it? I'm not so sure.

I have to buy some parts and do a little work before it can be back on the road again.

-ryan s.
1997 Ford Crown Victoria HPP- "Tank of Justice III" 192k - 578.9 miles on ONE tank
2003 Mercury Marauder- 58k, not so fuel efficient; #1,548 of 11,052
2008 Lincoln Navigator L - 166k (don't ask about mpg)

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