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12-27-2006, 11:13 Am


- Calculated the motor RPM in the video: 1387. Compare to about 2200 on the bench when not spinning the drivetrain (which has no oil in it).

- Details on the brush timing adjustment:

Above, you see a few things:

- The new set of bolt holes on the end cap (very top) which anchor the brush plate. The new holes are oblong, so some fine tuning is possible.

- The total brush adjustment was a combination of rotating both the brush plate PLUS the end cap, and you can see the old end cap bolt hole on the bottom side of the brush window.

- Lastly, I made a couple of new mini bus bars to attach the heavy field wire to the brush plate. Old bus bar sitting on top; new one shown connected in the brush window.

Above: one of the end cap bolts in its original location was snug against the left side of this brush window openings. I needed to make a little cut-out to accomodate the new hole. Easy as pie: the end cap is aluminum - so easy to cut & drill.

Don't think I posted this yet: motor in the car.
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