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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The US was the top hydroelectric power producer for decades, but has been surpassed by Canada, china and brazil, but we cant build any more hydroelectric dams here. US hydroelectric has actually been trending down the last 20 years because of growing demand for water.
I don't see why hydroelectric power would affect the demand for water so badly.

The US is one of the top solar power producers neck and neck with japan and Germany, china is number 1 but that's where all the panels are made there because they can make them the cheapest of anyone due to having rice cheap labor, no environmental regulations or concerns for worker safety.
Though I'm not totally unfavorable to environmental regulations, it's clear that the U.S.A. is being affected by unfair competition from China and other "developing" countries, but we also can't deny that some Americans are too proud to look at successful experiences from other countries and try to replicate them. Sure, the nanny-state and the very same "environmental" regulations might turn it harder to implement some energy-efficient tricks, but there is still that not-invented-here mentality preventing good ideas to benefit the average Joe.
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