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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I don't see why hydroelectric power would affect the demand for water so badly.
Demands from ecoloons have had the greatest impact on management of existing reservoirs, (blocking) plans for new hydroelectric projects and the decommissioning/demolition of existing dams.

Every dam is managed based on priorities of use: water storage, hydropower, flood control, recreation, navigation. Those priorities will be different for each dam and will vary, based on precipitation and demand.

While protection of wildlife has been a factor in the planning, construction and management of dams since about WWII, priority in recent years has been given, through litigation and administrative fiat, to maintenance of wildlife habitat.

In the ecoloon world, dams are as bad as oil, coal and nuclear. Hydropower is not allowed to be factored as renewable energy when calculating for carbon mitigation.

Ecoloons would have us save earth's creatures (and our grandchildren) from the evils of carbon by paving it with photovoltaics and mirrors, stippling the globe with giant, bat and bird macerating, wind turbines, and weaving a dense net of high voltage power lines between them all. A dystopian utopian's vision.

Now, if wind and solar power were used to pump water back behind existing dams, it could be called energy storage, then wildlife be damned and everything would be right in utopia.
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