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Meanwhile back on Mother Earth:

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Concept First Look: Gratefully Undead - Motor Trend
We’ve been teased with the Microbus Concept 2001, Bulli (2011), and at last year’s CES, the BUDD-e—all were takes on Volkswagen’s iconic original air-cooled, rear-engine Type 2 bus. Each troweled on plenty of design cues to evoke the hippy original, but the first two were attempting to drape that monospace design over a conventional front-drive combustion powertrain, and even the BUDD-e, which was said to be electric, failed to eliminate the traditional hood and grille—two absolute microbus buzz-kills.

This latest swing seems much more likely to connect, and it is the only one that really looks the business.
Jason Torchinsky will approve of the 'eyes' being the headlights, not the windshield (that's just weird). The hippy bus is [almost] back and it's all wheel drive.
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