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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
So they thought the world was warming up, then in the 1970s the scientists were convinced that the earth was going into the next ice age.
No, this is not the case. There was an effect of particulates from pollution that was blocking the sun - and ironically, when we got EPA regulation that got cars cleaner, the effect went away.

There was no scientific conclusion that we would have an ice age, because of this effect. It temporarily slowed the warming in some places - but the underlying and slower effect of warming because of increasing carbon dioxide never changed, or went away.

Oh, and climate change IS CONSISTENT with greater precipitation - INCLUDING more snow. Because with a warmer climate, there is more evaporation (and water vapor is also a GHG) and this will inevitably more precipitation, in some places, as well as more drought in other places.
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