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Originally Posted by RustyLugNut View Post
Should we be doing social and economic engineering that benefit some, and disadvantage others?

I had a late friend who passed at 95. She told me of times when she was a young child that it used to snow on the beaches here in San Diego. I rather like the currently mild weather and the year round bikini temperatures.

I have little doubt that the globe is warming. My only beef is that we have chosen to pin it all on CO2. What if we go ahead and spend trillions a year to mitigate CO2, hampering our advanced economies, only to find we guessed wrong and it was a combination of other factors we did not take into account?
Climate change will affect us all, in ways we have not realized, yet. Changing to renewable energy will help everyone - in fact, since it is distributed all over the globe and cannot be controlled by anybody, it will be better for all of us.

We know that carbon dioxide is driving climate change. It is never a good thing to ignore facts. The tobacco industry denied that nicotine was addictive, and that smoking causes cancer and many other harmful things. That denial of facts was very harmful to a lot of people, and a few people profited by ignoring that harm.

Same thing for leaded gasoline - it needed "more study" they said. Then we got MBTE, which is also quite harmful.
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