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Originally Posted by Fingie View Post
oh yes, the Amarok. Sold as long-cab only, at least here in finland.
Prior to Roosters post, I had never seen an Amarok that wasn't a 4 door cab. But different countries have different toys marketed to them. I would imagine that a full sized VW pickup would be a hard sell in the US since Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota pretty much dominate the US full sized truck market. This theory is likely why they don't sell them here.

I was watching Rally Racing yesterday. They had replayed a past race from Europe. Though I'm not sure which country it was being held in as I missed the beginning of the show. But they had a few Amarok's racing against an assortment of large SUV's. I'm so used to seeing the small eco-cars rally racing that it was a surprise and nice change seeing the larger going at it. Cool Stuff!

Maybe if it had a track conversion people would like it better
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