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Rofl Box, you are amazing. I can't imagine how to get that high mpg. Once I calibrate the scangauge, I will tape around my car, like yours. 49mpg in xB is like a dream.

Zman, I have Yokohama Avid TRZ tires on Civic and xB before. They are very good tires. I didn't make it to 40psi as the gas price is not like today. I believe it can handle 44psi, which is max on tire wall. Try it. If you don't like the ride, go back to 40psi. My experience told me 48psi with stock size is too much. The ABS activates a lot.(losing too much traction surface) By the way, 40psi to 44psi will give you about 0.5mpg. Automatic is good on freeway. At least, you don't have to reviv to 3000rpm for only 60mph.
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