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Originally Posted by ChopStix
.... Between the wingtip vortices and the clouding effect they are really cool pic's.
Wingtip vortices, not contrails. My bad.
Don't be so hard on yourself.

This phenomenon is why modern airliners have the upturned wingtips. See also Prandtl V wing

Interesting fact:

According to the Helmholtz theorems, a vortex filament cannot begin or terminate in the air.

The horseshoe vortex model is unrealistic in that... In a more realistic model, the lifting-line theory, the vortex strength varies along the wingspan, and the loss in vortex strength is shed as a vortex sheet all along the trailing edge, rather than as a single trail at the wing-tips
So there is a vortex sheet off the entire trailing edge with vortexial pinwheels at the tips.
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