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Video: discussion of several GM Volt aero features

Most interesting to me, the designer addresses a nagging unresolved question I've had for a long time: what's better, a sharp corner on the side-to-rear transition, or a curve?

Also talks about grille blocking, mirror design, front radii, etc.

And a photo of the rear quarter corner with the crease to promote flow separation there:

Source: ABG Volt gallery

Here's what the designer had to say about that design feature, from the vid:

I want to point out the little rear "vertical fin element", I call it, on the production Volt.

Now, air wants to stay attached to the car, but it has to leave the car at some point. And when it does, it needs to leave very quickly. So we want to put an aerodynamic trip device back there so when it leaves the car it separates cleanly and quickly, and doesn't send turbulence into the vehicle's wake.

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