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Which automaker will be first to market with a PHEV or electric pickup truck?

I wish it would, but I don't think gas is going to $4/gallon unless a couple major oil producers go belly up because of low prices and it causes a supply chain shock.

Electric will replace gasoline and diesel. It's not if, but when. The main question is what does that transition look like. Batteries continue to improve in capacity and decrease in cost.

No one wants an ugly Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S is too expensive for mass market. The Tesla Model X, while not talked about recently, probably would have been a good indicator of the way things are going to go had it not been designed so differently from other SUVs.

A 200 mile electric SUV or a range-extended electric that costs the same as a Ford Explorer, whenever someone manages that, I think that will be the tipping point whereupon the traditional ICE-only stranglehold starts to crumble.

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