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Originally Posted by xbUser View Post
Not any aero mod yet. I want to change the rear shock first. I don't want to take out the mod again when I change it. I am thinking using window screen for both belly pan and grille block.

I remembered you told me the moon racing disc didn't give you much help in mpg. but, your grille gives you 2mpg. I don't notice the huge difference like yours. my mid grille block gives me 1mpg or less. I may block the lower grille later. Still, the greatest improvement is from my right foot. By the way, have you changed motor oil to 5W30? @ 65mph, I can run 38mpg. I feel the difference between 5W30 and 10W30. My xB is stick shift and running a lot of freeway.... If you change synthetic transmission oil and slow down to 60mph, you may get 40mpg. This is how I got there.

My scangauge needs few tanks to calibrate. It is not accurate at all. I don't trust the mpg number now, but tps gives me some guideline how my foot is doing.
I'm due for an oil change right now (but I'm waiting to get paid-- switching from weekly to biweekly pay SUCKS), so I am likely going to go with 0W30 synthetic, and transmission oil will get done eventually.

I also want to build a tray under the car behind the rear axle. It seems to be low-hanging fruit, as aeromods go, and probably good for a couple mpg at high speeds.

I wish I had the nerve to go slower, and cruise control. I'll probably spring for CC if I find myself faced with driving more than ~100 miles at a stretch, even if only because I find it cuts down on fatigue a great deal, despite not being a perfect fuel-saving device.
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