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Originally Posted by Michael Moore View Post
JockoT, the Guzzi fairings didn't have problems, having been developed with a wind tunnel (full size) by people who had a clue about what they were doing. It was largely the garden shed copiers who made slab-sided fairings that looked somewhat similar who had problems. The FIM was also going through a "racing is getting too expensive/fast phase" as they did in the mid 1960s. Guzzi had no plans to drop the dustbins as they weren't causing them problems.
I think that Craig had the same problem as his wife Carol was shocked at how much his streamliner moved around while she was following him. I also think that side area is still side area regardless of the shape, within reason.

Originally Posted by Michael Moore View Post
Jim, you've clearly put a lot of work into your fairing and $500 is not going to come close to covering your time. I like the fairing mount structure. I'm wondering if your side wind problem may be due in part to the center of pressure being moved forward (more than on the standard bike) so it is now in front of the center of gravity? I note that the Guzzi fairing stagnation point is significantly higher, your's looks more like a small MV Agusta fairing. Perhaps you could resolve some of the side wind issues by adding some rear bodywork?
Yes, I think that the center of pressure is in front of the center of mass. And yes, I think that adding a tail could move it backwards, but still think that on a rainy day with limited traction, it could get dicey with large winds blowing, so the fairing on my bike to going to get modified quite a bit. It's a big experiment!

I am looking for 1) Aero, 2) Coverage, 3) Light Weight, 4) Low side wind sensitivity. It makes sense to me to keep the side wind sensitivity low with just the front portion, so that when the tail is added, it does not go much higher.

To accomplish this, it looks like two-thirds of the existing fairing will be discarded.

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