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Originally Posted by jrmichler View Post
i was too lazy to properly research charge times and rates, so just pulled some numbers out of thin air to show the concept. Real numbers would include more variables - temperature, wind, terrain, battery condition, traffic, etc.

Trip time vs driving speed is a series of curves, with a step change every time the number of recharges changes. Sometimes driving a little faster will increase trip time (55 vs 54 mph). Calculating a few more cases between 60 mph and 100 mph will find a speed that gives the minimum possible trip time.

It's interesting how trip time stops improving when the number of recharges increases. Now, try to explain to the passengers that you are driving at the speed that gets you there as fast as possible while they are watching traffic fly by in the fast lane......
That was funny as hell, Michler, thanks!

I see the thing as being able to predict total travel time accurately.

Plenty of factors, sure, but barring a fatal accident highway closure, Point A to Point B shouldn't ever take longer than . . . .

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