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Ive been playing with EOC alot again lately...

My exit for work is down a slight hill so I get to shut the car off and coast downhill for a good mile and a half... Im going to try to do some vids of how I drive back and forth to work for you guys... so we will see how that works... as of right now the car isnt taped, and Im going to run a tank of gass out of it to see what happens just off of my driving style, for those of you that dont want to go into vehicle mods, I even dropped the belly pan, not because I wanted to, but because it recently came loose and i really dont feel like lying under the car to put it back on when i have to get the exhaust finished next week...

Ill try to get the vids tomorrow, and upload them sometime in the near future, as im getting ready to move and dont know when ill be back online...
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