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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
That mains power is coming either from dirty fossil fuel generation, or from cleaner hydro/nuclear/renewable generation which could be used to displace some of the dirty generation, if it weren't being wasted heating or cooling a car for wussies people who can't handle a wee bit of temperature difference.
This comment clarifies your opinion of conditioning the cabin.

I don't run the heater in the winter at all unless there is a problem with condensation, which is often. The heated seats are very efficient and warm. They might draw an average of 60 watts each; nothing that would noticeably impact range.

Singling out cabin conditioning from the grid as an unnecessary waste that only weenies would do is arbitrary. We could just as easily single out people who heat or cool their homes as weenies. How about those weenies who watch TV for entertainment when they could be entertained without consuming electricity? How about clothes dryers, refrigerators, toasters, dishwashers, etc.

We could all live in tiny houses, or better yet, 1 enormous communal living space. That would be very efficient. Heck, suicide would save a lot of energy. The point of living is in the enjoyment, and that should include being mindful of efficiency, but for most people, being comfortable is part of enjoying life.
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